Arpajon Hospital (Essonne, France) - July 8th, 2004 - The Belaud Company announced officially today the availability of the version 2.0 (code named "Fanny") of its famous product line. As of today, no major blocking bug was discovered. This new release will allow Quentin, Christelle and Pascal to realize their full potential.

Availability and pricing
The release team has signoff for "RTM" (Release To Manufacturer) at 09:51AM (GMT+1). This “Standard” version will start at around 52 centimeters for 3,920 grams.

Launch event
You can expect an official launch event very soon. A new press release will be issued to keep you informed.

About Belaud Company
Officially founded the June 9th, 2001 (NASDAQ "BLD"), the Belaud Company is the worldwide leader in Belaud technology based products. The previous version (1.0, code named "Quentin") was officially released on May 4th, 2000