I have posted a new build of OlyMars [1.0.1876.37304] that includes the brand new XML Web Services 2.0 AddOn.

You can download this build here (once unzipped, you will need to recreate the OlyMars repository).

XML Web Services AddOn:

  • You will find a slide deck describing this new AddOn:
    <OlyMars Directory>\AddOns\XML Web Service\Documentation.ppt
  • You can also download a video that describes how to reuse this new AddOn:
    http://www.olymars.net/XmlWebServicesVideo1.rar (37’28, WMV format, 55 MB compressed)

There have been also some minor bugs corrected in this release. Finally the "Check For Upgrade" feature is working again.

Any feedback can be redirected by email to olyfeed@microsoft.com