It's time to give everyone a little update on where I am on this generator!

First, the version 2.0, code named "DroitAuBut" is currently scheduled to be ready around Orcas timeframe (Visual Studio 2005.vNext). Unfortunately, I don't have currently neither the resources nor the time to release anything serious before at least another 12 months.

That said, I don't want to let my customers down while SQL Server 2005 is now broadly available. As you might know, the current version of Olymars (v1.0) does not work on SQL Server 2005 because it relies on a deprecated system table.

The good news is that I'm currently working on a "Olymars Refresh" version (=> v1.5) which is Olymars v1.0 features only but working on SQL Server 2005.

Not to mention that this version is built using Visual Studio 2005 and is designed to generate .NET 2.0 compliant code.

I plan to release a beta next week. If you are interested in participating in this beta plan, please send me an email:

I will send you a private beta build when it is available.

Thanks for your continuous support!