I've been meaning to get to this for a long time, and finally did.

I created a GDN Workspace for Dictionary Tool for Tablet PC. This is a Tablet PC PowerToy that I released last year. It was the first .NET code I had ever written and a few months ago I went back in there and fixed a few bugs, and ported it to C# from VB.NET. It's amazing how much I've learned in that time so I re-wrote a bunch of silly things (looking at your old code is funny some times).

Anyway, the most notable changes are:

  • Supports importing of txt files that have non ASCII characters correctly.
  • Support Backup of your custom user dictionary.
  • Support Restore of your backup to the user dictionary.
  • The UI looks like an XP App (back then I didn't know about Application.EnableVisualStyles();
  • Only works with .NET Framework 1.1 (sorry, no time to test on 1.0).
  • Resizing and non standard Windows resolutions should be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug when entering an empty string into the add text field.

I haven't tested the app extensively, but it seems to work just fine ;-). If you have any problems with it please let me know or file a bug in the workspace.

You can download 1.0.1 from here.