Here is a sneak peek at my second OneNote PowerToy.

This is a cool little application. Basically you can launch it, enter an RSS feed (all flavors supported) and click download feed, select the posts you want and send off to OneNote.

I’ve also added a little context menu in IE (thanks for the pointers Greg!) that will launch Rss2OneNote and download the feed. Lastly, I added an option to create a new section based on the Feed Title and create a page for each blog entry.

I took special care to handle some Html nasties that OneNote doesn’t deal with very elegantly (mostly issues around whitespace, <pre> tags and so on).

One thing I got to do when writing this was to create a simple RSS class library. Parsing RSS is actually pretty simple. I used XPath to do it and so far it can handle everything I’ve thrown at it. I’m sure it isn’t as robust as RssBandit or NewsGator but it does the job.

Are there any features you’d like to see? The only remaining work item for me is to use the guid attribute of a post to update the entry if it’s modified rather than re-creating it over again.

Oh, I even created the icon :-)