C|Net is reporting that we are exiting the broadband hardware space. That sucks big time. I still have nightmares of all the linksys firmware upgrades and wacky hardware versioning schemes they have (trying to buy the lastest piece of hardware at Fry's is a challenge). Downloading firmware for my wireless/wired router used to be an almost weekly occurrence. Going back to older versions was just as common (cause the router would crash, become unresponsive etc). I'm hoping since Cisco purchased them things are better in that respect.

I swapped all my broadband gear to Microsoft because of UPnP support, quality web based UI and the fact that I knew the quality would exceed that of the competition. Back in the day, you could only have a single PPTP connection and the only products which could handle more than one connection at a time were the Microsoft software based NAT/Routers. I knew that our hardware would work really well with our technology and sure enough it worked.

I guess the only Microsoft hardware to last the test of time is the keyboard and mouse. Some other nifty hardware products were the Digital Speakers (these rocked), the telephone (heh) and the remote control (what a clunker)!