For the past 5 weeks (other than a trip to Alaska planned a year ago) I have been living work, breathing work, and dreaming about work (not by design). And today the news is out.

Hotmail is aggresively moving to make storage a non issue any more (in light of gmail and yahoo's recent offerings). It's been incredibly fun, challenging and scary all at the same time. I'm really glad to be part of such a kick ass team... hotmail is going to be cool again!

Exective Summary of changes

  • Free users get 250 MB
  • Premium users ($19.99 a yr) get 2 GB of mail

In other news, Dick Craddock is joining my team as our Development Manager. This is so awesome. Dick worked on Internet Mail and News for the Mac, then Outlook Express, then became the Product Unit Manager for the Mac Internet Product Unit (which was merged into the Mac Business Unit) where we shipped OE 5 and IE 5 and rocked the house. He then left to work on MS TV and stuff, and is back in the e-mail game after taking a nice long sabbatical. Last week we had a little offsite in Redmond and it was funny how many former Mac folks were in the room...