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  • Blog Post: Good luck Dennis!

    Dennis Cheung, someone that I interviewed for his first job out of college, and someone who I managed for a while in MacBU, announced that he is leaving the MacBU for the MSN Desktop Search Team . I seriously dig the hard work and attitude of the Desktop Search Team. They run one of the best dogfood...
  • Blog Post: Vacation over, Maui rocked

    Well I returned from a 10 day break from work this past Saturday, and on Monday I hit the ground running. Of course before I left for work I made two big mistakes. I subscribed to these two mailing lists at work and I didn't want them filling up my inbox so I created some rules. Well I made a mistake...
  • Blog Post: Interesting things Jimmy did see

    My good buddy, Jimmy (a.k.a. JimmyG) who no longer works for MS, spends all day taking spy photos of interesting things in Dubai, U.A.E. He happend to grab a pic of a very rare Mercedes G Class, and Microsoft's CEO walking with the Crown Prince of Dubai.
  • Blog Post: New VP of HR for Microsoft

    Lisa Brummel was just named Vice President of Human Resources at Microsoft. Previous to this role Lisa was Corporate Vice President of the Home and Retail division, which is where the Mac Business Unit has been located for the past few years (before that, MacBU was in MSN for a few brief months, and...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Internal Recruiting

    Is the tech job market heating up? Hell yes. In the last 4 months I've been cold called by 3 recruiters. Additionally, there is a lot of new headcount on the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus. However, since my time in Hotmail I've personally hired 2 folks and they were both internal hires. Why? Because...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft in the fight against HIV

    Now this was a really welcome development to read this morning . This is freaking awesome. It's amazing that software viruses basically mimic the behavior of real medical viruses and our leanings and attempts to fight software spam etc can be used to help doctors and researches fight HIV. I wonder...
  • Blog Post: Green Cups

    This week at work we had a small change to our cups. For the last 6 years I have been drinking from an orange cup. This week they were green :-).
  • Blog Post: PowerToys

    Raymond has a great post on the history of PowerToys . I'm proud to be a member of this family. The first code that I ever wrote using VB.NET shipped as the Dictionary Tool for Tablet PC , and my latest PowerToy, Send to OneNote from Outlook was a result of hundreds of man hours of leaning how to write...
  • Blog Post: So long MacBU, Hello Hotmail

    Well, today was my last day in the Macintosh Business Unit. I've worked here ever since I joined over 5 years ago. I feel privileged to have worked with some of the folks who are still here or moved on before me. I had a truly amazing time working on OE, Entourage, IE, MSN, and Virtual PC. It's funny...
  • Blog Post: Bedlam

    When I joined Microsoft this story was already very famous. There have been a few instances since then where people would reply to mysterious DLs saying take me off this and then the flury of replies. However, someone who has been here long enough usually says “remember bedlam”.
  • Blog Post: Dan Crevier is blogging

    Dan Crevier finally started a blog. I met Dan when I was a sophomore in college on an e-mail list for Claris E-mailer . Dan was getting his Ph.D. in Biophysics from this little college called Harvard, and writing code in his spare time. Dan ended up doing some contract work for Claris where among other...
  • Blog Post: Another MacBU blogger

    I think that brings us up to 4-5 bloggers in MacBU ? Not sure. Anyway, Rick Schaut has been working on Mac Word for almost half my life (14 years) ;-). Welcome to the blogsphere.
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates on Orkut.. well not really

    Well, no he isn't. But if you look in the Microsoft Community, there he is. Of course it's a fake: spoofed. I guess Orkut is no different from the net. Anyone can pretend to be anyone.
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