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Can I Develop Windows 8.1 App using VS 2012?

Can I Develop Windows 8.1 App using VS 2012?

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 The Short Answer is NO. I had a customer looking to use VS 2012 to develop Windows phone 8.0 and 8.1 Apps.

 The current Windows Phone 8.0 SDK is compatible with Visual Studio 2012 (Update 2) and higher (see .


To develop Windows Store Apps for Windows 8.0 you generally need Visual Studio 2012 or higher. Different editions of Visual Studio may introduce additional restrictions.

To develop Windows Store Apps for Windows 8.1 you generally need Visual Studio 2013 or higher.

  • I just decided not to try to develop windows phone applications.

  • I too  just decided not to try to develop windows phone applications

  • I have decided to develop windows phone applications.

  • you should allow developer with visual studio 2012 to create app for windows 8.1 this not fair we paid a lot of money I have ultimate edition.

  • Why Spend all that money ? Develop in android,  Most tools FREE.................................................

  • I believe you in Microsoft are totally insane. You've lost mobile market and at the same time you us to spend thousands just to re-animate you windows phone. Why the heck I can't develop 8.1 apps with my VS2012. Do you realize you're destroying windows ecosystem with your own hands?

  • I totally agree with angry developer.

    Once Microsoft knew, that we build the base for MS success too.

    You don't bite the hand that delivers your supplies. And this "if you don't use the new system policy your screwed" is not only painful all the steps you need to pass to get some app to a silly phone distributed

    are annoying over time. Register Web here Register phone there register service here... this is more like pulling someone's hair slowly till it hurts.

    We started out to support windows phone 7 as thought curtesy to the customers and resume the project to 8.1 because it turns out, that it is made IMPOSSIBLE to distribute it to any phone. Because the Mobile Phone SDK does not allow you to install it on a system older then Windows 8 thanks.... And now we just discover that WSDL is not supported for 8.1 - I do understand that JSON and REST are faster. But -

    If you go on like this and keep us doing work just to convert our existing projects to your "new" policy that lasts max 2 years we will have to look for a more stable environment to get our work done. And our work is to get projects done to our customer needs not put our time in to be pampering the ecosystem all the time.

    From Update hell to all register every single program to cloud hell to Big brother is watching you all over. Microsoft get out of my closet and get your focus for the mobile world straight. Thanks.

  • You shouldn't have to force people to use Windows 8.x to develop Windows Store apps, period.

  • I just decided to develop iPhone applications right after I buy a Mac and an iPhone.

  • I am getting rid of my Windows Phone (Nokia)! I also stopped developing any aps for windows phones!

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