Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - Developers' Pain Killer
One-stop Scenario-focused Code Samples driven by Customers' Pains and Needs

Traditionally, code samples are feature-based.  Code samples are created to demonstrate product features, and they are published on various portals e.g. Windows SDK install disk,,, MSDN Samples Gallery, CodePlex, various training kits, and various blogs, magazines and technical articles.

In contrast Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework code samples are scenario-focused.  They were created based on developers' frequently asked programming scenarios.  We provide customers with a one-stop shop to search and download them.

One-stop; All-In-One

Typical code samples of all Microsoft technologies are in one place.  This gives developers a one-stop experience.  In a customer's words, "centralizing the samples has been a simple but very long pending useful want.".

Scenario-focused; Customer-driven

Different from feature-based code samples, scenario-focused code samples can better address customers' real-world programming tasks.  We use two channels to listen to developers' pains:

  1. Collect developers’ frequently asked programming tasks in communities, forums, social media, and Developer Support cases.
  2. Provide the Sample Request Service - developers can request code samples directly from us.


By July 2012, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework has produced and released over 900 code samples, covering 25 technologies.  The sample repository is growing by 6 samples / week.  The code samples are released in MSDN Samples Gallery.  Developers can discover and download the code samples in the gallery or by using the Sample Browser or Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension.