Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - Developers' Pain Killer

1. What's the relationship between All-In-One Code Framework and MSDN Samples Gallery?

All-In-One Code Framework focuses on producing customer-driven coding samples. It is a content provider;  MSDN Samples Gallery is a brilliant platform for sharing code samples and interacting with community.  All-In-One Code Framework ships the code samples in the MSDN Samples Gallery. 

2. What's the relationship between All-In-One Code Framework and SDK samples?

SDKs contain feature-based code samples.  Microsoft Product Groups create code samples for every product features, and release the samples in various product SDKs.  In contrast, All-In-One Code Framework produces customer-driven scenario-based code samples, and targets to make such samples of all Microsoft development technologies available in a one-stop shop.   All-In-One Code Framework engineers listen to developers’ pains and needs in forums, communities, and in the sample request service, and write code samples to address developers' real-world frustrations.   If a sample topic is already covered by SDK, the All-In-One Code Framework team does not duplicate the sample.

3. What's the relationship between All-In-One Code Framework Sample Request Service and Microsoft Professional Advisory Service?

If the request is for a single customer and other customers do not have a similar need, or if the request is urgent, then the request it should be handled by Microsoft Professional Advisory Service.  If the requested topic is something that is reusable and beneficial to multiple customers to show them a programming technique, and if the request is not urgent, then it should be handled by All-In-One Code Framework Sample Request Service.

4. What's the relationship between All-In-One Code Framework and All-In-One Script Framework?

All-In-One Code Framework is a centralized customer-driven code sample library for developers.  The samples are released in MSDN Samples Gallery.  All-In-One Script Framework is a centralized system administration script library for IT professionals.  The scripts are released in TechNet Script Center Repository.  Newly launched in 2012, All-In-One Script Framework uses PowerShell/VBS/T-SQL scripts to illustrate typical system admin scripting scenarios in Windows Server/Client, SQL Server, and Office Server/Client.