Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - Developers' Pain Killer

The Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is a free, centralized code sample library driven by developers' needs. Our goal is to provide typical code samples for all Microsoft development technologies, and reduce developers' efforts in solving typical programming tasks.

Our team listens to developers’ pains in MSDN forums, social media and various developer communities. We write code samples based on developers’ frequently asked programming tasks, and allow developers to download them with a short code sample publishing cycle. Additionally, our team offers a free code sample request service. This service is a proactive way for our developer community to obtain code samples for certain programming tasks directly from Microsoft.

Code Samples

 Different from traditional feature-focused code samples, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework provides scenario-focused code samples driven by customers' real-world programming pains and needs. We listen in developer communities and the sample request service, collect developers' typical programming scenarios, and compose them into code samples.

Since we launched the project in 2009, we have created 900+ scenario-focused code samples covering 23 Microsoft development technologies. The sample repository is growing by 6 samples per week. To search and download the code samples, you can either visit, or use our Sample Browser to enjoy the flexible download experience.

Code Sample Request Service

 Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework team announces a new code sample request service. This is a proactive way for our developer community to obtain code samples for certain programming tasks directly from Microsoft if developers cannot find the wanted code samples in the repository. We want to alleviate the frustration felt by developers.

Developers are encouraged to submit code sample requests dealing with any Microsoft development technologies to our site. At the same time, developers can now vote for newly submitted or existing code sample topics. Here’s the exciting part! Microsoft engineers will then pick the requests with the highest number of votes and provide the code samples.

C++ and .NET Coding Guideline

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework team shares the coding guideline for native C++ and .NET (C# and VB.NET) programming. The coding guideline is used by the project team to create code samples. This standard derives from the experience of product development efforts and is continuously evolving. If you discover a new best practice or a topic that is not covered, please bring that to the attention of the All-In-One Code Framework Project Group and have the conclusion added to this document.

No set of guidelines will satisfy everyone. The goal of a standard is to create efficiencies across a community of developers. Applying a set of well-defined coding standards will result in code with fewer bugs, and better maintainability. Adopting an unfamiliar standard may be awkward initially, but the pain fades quickly and the benefits are quickly realized, especially when you inherit ownership of others' code.



Sample Browser & Sample Browser VS Extension

To make the sample search, download and management experience hassle free and enjoyable, Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework and MSDN Samples Gallery innovated the Sample Browser and Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension. Developers can enjoy 3500+ code samples with just a few simple clicks. 

Customer Feedback

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions. Please email or fill out a quick survey to tell us your requirements.

"An evolution to next-level, example-centric coding for developers"
-- Softpedia news media

"An innovative piece of work that makes developers’ life much easier"
-- Arjun Bahree (Practice Leadership, Wipro Infotech)

"Great Job Done Microsoft.  You guyz are truly brilliant and genius"
-- Abdullah Rehman


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