Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - Developers' Pain Killer

An evolution to next-level, example-centric coding for developers

Softpedia news media

An innovative piece of work that makes developers’ life much easier

Arjun Bahree (Practice Leadership, Wipro Infotech)

OK, I am officially Loving the new All-In-One Code Framework

Dirk Strauss (Software Developer)

The samples could definitely spare you from some horrible bugs

Kate Gregory (Regional Director/MVP, Microsoft)

Great Job Done Microsoft. You guyz are truly brilliant and genius

Abdullah Rehman

I cannot even begin to quantify the amount of time the All-In-One Code Framework has saved me in terms of both learning techniques I didn't already know, and bootstrapping a project type I may not have done before.

Duane Doutel

A huge THANK YOU to you!
Your sample framework has quickly become an extremely important part of my toolbox.

Jack Harrington (Programmer/Analyst from Gerber Scientific, Inc.)

One of my favorite code sample sources has gone Metro (with obvious homage to the Zune software). If you're looking for a code sample for just about anything Microsoft, this should be one of the first places you check...

Greg Duncan (from Channel 9 Coding4Fun)



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