Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework - Developers' Pain Killer
Developers' Pain Killer

Developers' Pain Point 1

Traditionally, code samples are feature-based.  Code samples were created to demonstrate product features.  The feature-focused code samples have gap with developers' real-world programming needs.  Developers want more code samples that show single and specific coding scenarios.

Solution from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

Senario-focused code samples driven by developers' real-world programming tasks

Developers' Pain Point 2

Code samples are scattered in various portals e.g. Windows SDK install disk,,, MSDN Samples Gallery, CodePlex, various training kits, blogs, magazines and technical articles.  Customers hear lots of voices.  They have to rely on search engines that are not optimized for sample code search to find the code samples.

Solution from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

A one-stop code sample library

Developers' Pain Point 3

Many developers live and die by code samples.  If they want to request a code sample from Microsoft, they have to open what we call an Advisory case with Microsoft Technical Support, a service that is ONLY available for our customers with a PREMIER account.

Solution from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

A free Sample Request Service

Developers' Pain Point 4

It was a pain for most developers to search, download and manage downloaded code samples.  It took them at least 9 inconvenient steps to find and download a sample:  Open IE; bing a sample topic; open the search result, click the download button in the search result; choose a save location; wait for downloading; open the download location; unzip the downloaded sample package; open the sample in Visual Studio.  Very often, developers forgot where the sample was downloaded to and had to repeat the steps to download the sample again.

Solution from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

Sample Browser & Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension