As I mentioned a few posts ago, Microsoft released a bunch of new OneNote resources for teachers at the NECC 2008 conference in San Antonio. Without further ado, I'm going to point everyone to them in this post.

First, off, here is the new OneNote Teacher resources on the Education Site. This will contain lots of great resources for OneNote and teachers so make sure to bookmark it and check back regularly. I'll be sure to let people know when new things appear here as well.

Second, for those educators or administrators or IT folks who want to understand at a high level, what "OneNote NextGen Learning" is all about, watch this new Flash video about OneNote in the digital classroom.

Over the next week or two I hope to cover more of these in detail in this blog, but today I'll mainly be posting the links.

Introducing the OneNote 2007 Toolkit for Teachers

Click here to download the OneNote 2007 Toolkit for Teachers: If there's only one resource that you start out with, make sure it's this one. The toolkit is a OneNote notebook with templates, how-to articles, teacher-focused OneNote feature explanations, training videos, lesson plan examples, and other resources to help teachers start and then master the use of OneNote in the classroom. My recommendation is to:

  • Download and go through it
  • Share it with other teachers
  • Put in on your school's internal network for others to use
  • Tell your faculty and principal about it
  • Tell your administrators about it


OneNote "How-to" training videos for teachers

Next up, we have a new set of OneNote training videos created specifically for teachers. Each video is just a few minutes long and there are a range of topics starting with the basics and moving into screen clippings, Outlook integration and all the way up to shared notebooks and collaboration. There are 29 short videos in all to choose from. Just go to the OneNote Teacher resources page and scroll down towards the bottom and you'll see all of the videos.


Try sample notebooks

Check out these OneNote notebooks to get some ideas of how to use OneNote in school and in your personal life.

  • Teacher math workbook: Example of how teachers can store their workbook information for math classes in OneNote.
  • Digital portfolio: Sample digital portfolio of a teacher that contains multiple sets of student work, stored and organized within OneNote. Includes homework, quizzes, tests and projects.
  • 3rd grade teacher's mathbook: Sample of a teacher’s workbook for a 3rd grade math class.
  • Student school workbook: Sample notebook for a university student.
  • Shared notebook for a group project: Example notebook to manage shared project information.
  • Student personal workbook: Sample personal notebook for a student.
  • Student's semester notebook: Example notebook of how a student could organize their work and activities.
  • New employee handbook: Example of a new employee handbook for a company. This could easily be tailored for new students or new teachers.
  • That should be enough to keep everyone busy for a while :-) I'll keep posting over the next week or so and go through the OneNote 2007 Toolkit for Teachers in more detail on a section-by-section basis.

    Have fun!