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A blog to have a dialog about OneNote and education, including sharing ideas, resources, and building community with teachers, students and faculty.

August, 2008

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About OneNote and Education

My name is Mike Tholfsen and I am the test manager of the OneNote team and will be the primary author of this blog.  Because there are so many things happening right now with OneNote and education, we wanted to start this blog to have a dialog with the education community, as well as share ideas, resources, and gather feedback from teachers, students and faculty.  We also hope to point to examples of great things that educators and students are doing today with OneNote and education.  In addition to K-12 and Higher Education, you can also expect to see topics on eLearning, Training and on-boarding with OneNote.  Many companies, including Microsoft, are delivering eLearning solutions using OneNote.

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    Home Movies with OneNote

    Hi folks - I'm back after a couple of weeks off with my new daughter Claire. During my time off, I had a chance to do something that I've been meaning to get started on for a while and that is record some OneNote videos. Last Sunday, while Claire's grandparents...
  • OneNote and Education

    The newest little note

    Hey folks – I’ve taken a brief break from blogging until at least mid-late August. My daughter was born on Friday, August 1st. Her name is Claire Freya Tholfsen . She was 7lb 6oz and 19 3/4 in. long at birth. She is our first child and it’s been a...
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