Hey folks - it's that time of year again. Reading, Riting and 'Rithmatic :-) I hope everyone has their pencils, erasers, books, lesson plans and a copy of OneNote handy!  

I know that many teachers and professors out there are starting to experiment with OneNote for the first time this school year. Have you joined the Innovative Teachers Network yet? This is a great place to find other innovative and passionate teachers from around the world. I know there are many new students who will also be experimenting with the back to school tech gear their parents may have bought. I've also had the chance to speak with some lucky schools who are trying out 1:1 computing this year. I would love to hear from any or all of you on this blog. I had a great comment this morning on my old blog entry title "New OneNote resources for teachers - Come git' em' while they're hot!" In the comment, Nancy claims that "I am currently doing the 'happy dance' in front of my monitor!" I hope that many of you out there get a chance to try out the OneNote education resources that Nancy has discovered and do your own happy dance!

For those of you looking for examples of educators and schools using OneNote in interesting ways, I'll republish the list:

Examples of educators and schools using OneNote


Share with us what new things you are trying out this year with OneNote and technology. Tell us about your own happy dance!