Next Tuesday, 12/2/08, I'll be doing another Teacher Tech Tuesday. This time I will be talking about both Outlook and OneNote in the context of teachers and communications. I worked on the Outlook team for 8 years so I have a reasonable background on Outlook, and as you know I currently work on the OneNote team. Click here to sign up for the 60 minute webinar. Here are some of the topics I plan on demoing during next Tuesday's webinar:

Outlook demo

  • Basics
    • Ribbon
    • Calendaring
    • ToDo Bar, Follow Up and Categories
    • Instant Search
  • SharePoint Integration
  • RSS feeds in Outlook
  • Office Communicator, IM integration
  • OneNote integration (see below)


OneNote demo

  • Outlook integration
    • Tasks
    • Outlook Meetings, Contact and Email integration
    • Send to OneNote
    • Email your notes or save as a web page/PDF
  • Shared notebooks
  • Recording audio and video for podcasts with OneNote
  • Blogging from OneNote (I uploaded this entry directly from OneNote :-)  

Official Abstract

Live Dec 2 1:00PM-2:00PM Pacific Time    

Learn how Microsoft tools can help you stay in touch with students, parents, fellow teachers and administration. From email to lesson podcasts to collaborative discussions and presentations — you can keep everyone informed and engaged.  

Hope to see you next Tuesday and have a great thanksgiving holiday!