OneNote Group Program Manager, David Rasmussen just released a much requested new powertoy, the "Send to OneNote Printer" for 64-bit machines!  Now those of you with 64-bit machines can help Mother Earth and send all of those Print outs to OneNote.


David's new blog entry has all the details.  Here's the download location: 


I think this quote from David's blog sums it up:


Given strong feedback about the 64 bit print driver issue, I decided to put what little spare time I had into trying to develop a 64 bit OS solution for printing to OneNote 2007 for you, rather than blogging.


So after spending some time over Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations and more than a few evenings coding I now have a solution you can download to enable you to print to OneNote 2007 from 64 bit Vista (and Windows 7 beta if you have it…).


I encourage you to try it out and let others know of it's existence as well. 


And here's a shout out to David - great work, and thanks for helping satisfy our customers!