March, 2014

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    Authenticating with the OneNote APIs

    Hello world! Dipak Boyed, member of the OneNote API team here. Today, I'd like to provide a few pointers on how authentication works with the OneNote APIs. Specifically, going over some of the gotchas that our launch partners encountered and list out...
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    OneNote API at Build 2014!

    Hey, it's Gareth again. Forgive me for being uncharacteristically gushy, but we love, love, love developer feedback on the OneNote API team, and we're hoping to get a heap of it in person at the upcoming Build 2014 conference. I'll be walking through...
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    OneNote API Near-Term Roadmap

    Last Updated on 8/13/2014: Items on the roadmap have been updated to reflect which ones are now available in production. Hey folks, this is James Lau - I am the Lead Program Manager on the OneNote API team. In this blog post, I’d like to share with your...
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    Default Note Location

    Hello, I am Di Ye, a program manager on the OneNote Team and I am writing to share where we put the content your Apps create in users' OneNote notebooks. Where can users find their content created through the API? In OneNote, all information is...
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    HTML in the OneNote API

    Hi, Gareth Jones here - I'm the API architect for our spangly new OneNote service and I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about using HTML to create OneNote pages. First a little bit of context - we started out building an object model that let...
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    Welcome to the OneNote API!

    Hello, I'm Steven Novick, a Program Manager on the OneNote team, and I'm proud to welcome you to the new OneNote developer community! Our team has been hard at work for many months and we are excited to share with you the fruits of our labor and begin...
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