OneNote API at Build 2014!

OneNote API at Build 2014!

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Hey, it's Gareth again. Forgive me for being uncharacteristically gushy, but we love, love, love developer feedback on the OneNote API team, and we're hoping to get a heap of it in person at the upcoming Build 2014 conference.

I'll be walking through building an app which uses the OneNote and OneDrive APIs, along with a bunch of other consumer APIs, to build a great OneNote experience for collecting digital memories on a subject that I'm very passionate about (no, it's not marmalade cats, don't worry) and also showing how easy it is to call our API from a range of platforms.

I hope to see many of you on Friday 4th at 12:30pm. Don't forget to bring all your API feedback and wish-lists. Oh and if anyone wants to talk in more detail about a project they've got cooking or an app they're building that they'd like to see on our featured apps page, just DM us at @onenotedev and we can set up some time to talk 1:1.

See you there!


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  • I am afraid to say that I absolutely love OneNote and I would probably pay for it, but I am glad it is free. Thanks for a great tool.

  • Thanks Steven, appreciate it!

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