A couple of requests to ease the burden on my 'ctrl', 'c' and 'v' keys - which have been rubbed clean ;-).

If possible could you include your contact details in your email in vcard format (you should be able to drag your own contact details from your email client contact list into the email)? That way I can easily import them into a spreadsheet for shipping. This is not mandatory; please leave this step out if you wish to make my life difficult. :-(

Please also include your phone number (or any phone number I don't care), my shipping vendor will not deliver without a local phone number of some description.

I will be in touch with everyone that has already made contact with a request for extra if needed - so don't worry you will not be disqualified; you will remain at the top of the queue.

BTW I have been hearing some really interesting stories about what people are doing with devices. I will blog generally (I won't call out specific names or project details etc unless you specifically ask to be recognized and seek fame and/or fortune ;-)) about some of the types of applications that people are writing. I will also try to summarize the sentiments and experiences expressed to me. Hopefully some of these generalized tales will be of interest to the mobile developer blog'averse at large.

Hey! Thanks again for the interest in my Poster and a Coaster adventure. Keep those emails with vcards (preferably) and your stories rolling into dotnetcf@microsoft.com, because ALL STOCK MUST GO!