The Code Project has just announced a .NET Compact Framework competition with winners vying for five HP4150 iPaqs.

“Write an application that targets the .NET Compact Framework. Make it interesting. Make it useful. Make it cool.

You have free reign. Your application could show off networking capabilities, it could be the next Winamp, or it could be a crazy new game that will spell the end of office productivity. How about an Atkins carb counter? A gym log book? An application to find the fastest route through subway systems? A laptop remote control? Go crazy.“

“Code Project has five 4150's on offer. Prizes will be awarded as follows:
- The best entry overall
- The most technically innovative
- The coolest entry
- A random entrant“

This is a great opportunity for developers new to mobile development, as well as seasoned mobile application developers to show what is possible.

Developer new to the .NET Compact Framework will find the following resources useful for kick starting their projects:
- The .NET Compact Framework FAQ
- Getting Started with Visual Studio .NET and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework
- .NET Compact Framework QuickStart Tutorials
- .NET Compact Framework Newsgroup

Get more information from the Code Project site,