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  • Blog Post: NetDispatchFaultExcetion was unhandled

    I just came across this whilst making a web service call from a Windows Forms client application. Exception text: "The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message: There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter . The InnerException...
  • Blog Post: Pascal Fans: OpScript - Object Pascal Scripting Engine - *.NET support coming*

    A colleague of mine, Felix from Microsoft developer support, has been working on a cool Object Pascal scripting engine. "Opscript is an scripting engine based on Object Pascal. This engine takes advantage of Active Scripting to integrate with Microsoft Windows so it can be used in all the same places...
  • Blog Post: Announcing: Testing for and Responding to Network Connections in the .NET Compact Framework

    Testing for and Responding to Network Connections in the .NET Compact Framework ( ) An article on this subject has been long overdue. This article was written by Dan Fox and Jon Box from Quilogy authors of: Dan and Jon...
  • Blog Post: Tech.Ed 2004 Au/NZ - Perf Talk Links

    Here are some links to supporting articles and information for this Tech.Ed session:
  • Blog Post: Tech.Ed 2004 NZ/AU - Intro to Smart Device Programming Links

    Here is a pointer to an article with a list of links to material relevant to this Tech.Ed 2004 session in New Zealand and Australia this week:
  • Blog Post: OpenNETCF: Coding Competition

    Check out this coding competition from the OpenNETCF crew:
  • Blog Post: Introducing RealConnect 1.5 (

    Cool Smart Client code from the Intel Developer site. Although I don't know who is responsible for all of this code (I would like to give them credit for it), it appears that Larry O'Brien is at least responsible for some of it. From what I have seen this stuff looks really cool - thanks Larry! ...
  • Blog Post: FotoVision has arrived (End2End Smart Client Shared Source Sample)

    “The FotoVision sample allows you to easily share photos on the web and demonstrates a variety of .NET technologies including Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Web services, and the .NET Compact Framework. It consists of a desktop, web, and Pocket PC sample applications. This paper provides information so...
  • Blog Post: Learn247.NET - a message from Lester Madden re We Rock 247 .NET

    Lest writes: Hi guys, Sorry for the performance of the Learn247 site when trying to download the WeRock247 code recently, we have been inundated with users looking to download the code and it has slowed us down a little. I am often asked when the DVD will be available and the answer is soon...
  • Blog Post: Alternative download site for We Rock 247 .NET

    The original download location for We Rock 247 .NET has not been performing so well due to demand. The download is now available on the download cluster:
  • Blog Post: And the hits keep coming... "Bubble.NET Game"

    Bubble.NET Game , by BenoitM - on Benoit makes use of GXInput for intercepting the hardware keys. GXInput ships as part of Geoff Schwab's “ Dancing Particles: Adding Points, Lines, Fonts, and Input to the Managed Graphics Library “ MSDN Library article. Be sure to check...
  • Blog Post: "WeROCK 247 .NET" - a complete end to end Smart Client sample

    Whether or not you are new to Smart Client development be sure to check this site out: “This project contains material based around developing Smart Clients for .NET and is based around a virtual rock group. WeRock247 .NET takes you through building an enterprise...
  • Blog Post: it is 1945 again... the game that is

    I took my eyes off the site for a week during Tech.Ed and upon return this week find that there has been a massive proliferation of .NET Compact Framework samples, including Pocket 1945 - A C# .NET Compact Framework Shooter . Thanks to Jonas Follesø for writing this sample and...
  • Blog Post: Smart Device Framework 1.1 Released

    “The long anticipated release of version 1.1 of the Smart Device Framework has been released. Download the install package, binaries and source here . View the online Help here . View the official Press Release here .” “Replacement classes to replicate desktop functionality include...
  • Blog Post: Sound Synthesis Revisited: Porting the Drum Machine to the .NET Compact Framework

    Sound Synthesis Revisited: Porting the Drum Machine to the .NET Compact Framework, by Ianier Munoz : article code “This article shows how to port the drum machine described in " Building a Drum Machine with DirectSound " to the .NET Compact Framework so that it can be run on the Pocket...
  • Blog Post: Turn your Pocket PC into a tablet input device for your desktop computer (Article and .NET Compact Framework Source)

    TabletPC 1.0 Advanced Remote Control (.NET Compact Framework-based), by Vladimir Ralev "Despite the cool graphics this application is surprisingly useful. I tuned it to behave mostly like a touchpad, but I did some extensions so you can use it in graphics design as a tablet input device for your workstation...
  • Blog Post: New .NET Compact Framework-based game code and articles on MSDN

    Some of you may know of Geoff Schwab from the .NET Compact Framework newsgroup or from articles that he has written for MSDN. Well here are two game articles with source code that Geoff wrote before moving on to take up a new position in the game development industry. Thanks for your hard work Geoff...
  • Blog Post: and the .NET Compact Framework

    Dan Fox demonstrates how to use the Amazon developer kit and Amazon Web service from a .NET Compact Framework-based application.
  • Blog Post: Infrared Programming Using the .NET Compact Framework (IR Chat Sample)

    Wei-Meng Lee, walks through the creation of a simple .NET Compact Framework-based infrared chat application written in VB .NET: Article: Infrared Programming Using the .NET Compact Framework Code: 402LEE.ZIP
  • Blog Post: Accessing Serial Ports from the .NET Compact Framework

    Here are some .NET Compact Framework Serial Port resources that I know of: - OpenNETCF.IO.Serial Class - Richard Grier's CFSerialIO class - Chris Tacke's P/Invoking Serial APIs MSDN article
  • Blog Post: celebrates 1st anniversary with the release of Smart Device Framework

    Earlier this week officially launched it's Smart Device Framework , check it out! “The Smart Device Framework enriches and extends the .NET Compact Framework. It consists of new and existing class libraries and controls, which are already available from . Amongst...
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