FAQ about Jie

FAQ about Jie

Q: What's your name?

My name is 李劼 - if you can't see the Chinese charactors that means you don't have Chinese font installed on your OS (are you still using Windows XP?!).

李 (Li) is my family name, it is also the most common surname in the world. Imaging there's 100+ million people share the same surname with you. Here's the reference on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_(%E6%9D%8E)

劼 (Jie) is my given name. It means diligent. Even most of the Chinese people don't know how to pronounce it - it's "jie2" in Pinyin. It cannot be spelled correctly in English - so many people just call me "G" instead.

Q: What's your job in Microsoft?

My job right now is a Program Manager for SharePoint Online - Dedicated service. This job is to build features/processes/tools/policies around SharePoint product and make it an awesome service for our huge enterprise customers. Currently I own migration and sustained engineering in the group. And yes, it's a part of the so called "Office 365" cloud service offering.

Before this job I was a Technical Product Manager in SharePoint team. Anything that related with IT Pro came to me, and Bill Baer. For example management, deployment, upgrade, monitoring, security, database....well, most of the time it's core infrastructure stuff.

Before I came to US, I was a Partner Technology Specialist for Microsoft China in Beijing. Besides working with partners to drive revenue, I also worked on several Enterprise Search projects and had my own contributions to codeplex.

Before Microsoft, I was an IT Consultant in a startup company in Shanghai, working on different projects involving Delphi/ASP/.Net development, Citrix Metaframe management, Unix and Linux management, Lotus Notes/Domino operation and so on.

Q: Why don't you use an English name?

I don't like to be called a name that's not my name. When you call me "G", at least you are trying to call my name so I'm okay with that. 

Q: What does that "opal" mean?

Nothing but a nickname - I created my first personal website in 1999, and named it "Opal Studio".