January, 2010

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    What to expect for SharePoint 2010 Administrators?


    If you have the chance to come to our Redmond building 16 & 17, you will find us super busy working on the stuff for SharePoint 2010. Trainings, Articles, Courseware, Books, Hands-On Labs, Demos, Blogs and Forums…I just can’t stop thinking and discussing with my co-workers about all these stuff any minute these days.

    So what to expect in the coming days?

    Virtual Machine

    An all-in-one virtual machine we used internally will be shared on the download center.  It is based on the public beta builds, has everything inside configured, around 10GB compressed. The good thing is, nearly all our HOLs will be based on this image, which means if you downloaded the image, you can try out those HOLs (we will publish them later) on it.


    HOLs is being built or refreshed for public beta. We are trying to cover those important topics as much as possible. For example, how to setup User Profile Sync (I know you complained a lot with the beta), how to make the most out of usage logging, getting started with Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Server 2010 (this is the top rated HOL in SharePoint Conference!)… And of course, they will be refreshed when SharePoint 2010 gets RTM. If you do have some good idea on a new HOL just ping me and I will see if we can cover it in our big listSmile.


    If you are also a reader of SharePoint IT Pro documentation blog, you will know that TechNet library for SharePoint 2010 is getting a lot of updates. For example, Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Server 2010 Beta would be a good reference to have for your Windows PowerShell study. We also keep polishing the content everyday, if you found anything that’s not good you can also ping me and we will try to fix.

    Webcasts, Blog Posts…

    There’ll be a lot! Stay tuned for the details. If you do care about a special topic, name it and we will see if it can be the next one in our schedule!



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