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  • Blog Post: Parsing Pictures in a PowerPoint binary file

    In this blog I’d like to cover every aspect of parsing Office binary documents, and do it in less than a thousand words. But, what follows is more realistic, thus more narrow in focus. Specifically, I’ll examine the PowerPoint binary format from the point of view of parsing/enumerating “Pictures”. PowerPoint...
  • Blog Post: Exploring the Compound File Binary Format

    Although the march of progress steadily tramples the old tried and true in favor of enlightened file formats designed for the new era of the web, some of us take joy in digging deeper into bits and bytes of binary file formats. I’m one of those and I can’t resist hacking my way through one...
  • Blog Post: Overview of Protected Office Open XML Documents

    Suppose your application requirement is to programmatically create password “protected” Office Open XML (OOXML) documents. Or, perhaps the requirement is to programmatically convert a batch of unprotected OOXML documents to password protected ones. The following information outlines some aspects to consider...
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