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  • Blog Post: MS-OXCFXICS - How to parse the FastTransfer Stream

    Note: This article was written using version 16.2 (10/30/2014) of the MS-OXCFXICS document as reference and all links contained in this article reference sections of that version of the document. The current version of the MS-OXCFXICS document can be found here:
  • Blog Post: Rich Text Format (RTF) and Watermarks

    Seldom is the question asked, "Is there an RTF directive that can be used to add watermarks in RTF documents? " One day recently this question found me, and after delving into the world of the Rich Text Format ( RTF ) specification you may in turn be interested in what I found, which includes a new...
  • Blog Post: Parsing Pictures in a PowerPoint binary file

    In this blog I’d like to cover every aspect of parsing Office binary documents, and do it in less than a thousand words. But, what follows is more realistic, thus more narrow in focus. Specifically, I’ll examine the PowerPoint binary format from the point of view of parsing/enumerating “Pictures”. PowerPoint...
  • Blog Post: SMB 2.1 Multi-Credit (Large MTU) Operations

    One design goal for the SMB 2.1 protocol implementation on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 was to achieve better performance for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (very high speed / low latency networks). This has been achieved with a new feature called ‘Large MTU’, or ‘multi-credit’ operations. The maximum transmission...
  • Blog Post: RC4 CryptoAPI Encryption Password Verification

    RC4 CryptoAPI Encryption Password Verification -=- Dominic Salemno -=- Information security is important in this day and age. The most important core asset of any particular company is their information. Hence, the essential need for cryptography has become more apparent due to the various security...
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