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  • Blog Post: OpenXML Styles 101 - Understanding Table Style Conditional Formatting

    Introduction This is the second in a series of articles covering various OpenXML topics. This article provides an example of creating some simple table styles that use conditional formatting, the pitfalls that you would probably encounter, and how to get the results you're expecting. We will be using...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell script for finding Microsoft Office legacy files

    Referenced documents: [MS-CFB] : Compound File Binary File Format [MS-OLEPS] : Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Property Set Data Structures Windows PowerShell Cookbook, 3 rd edition, by Lee Holmes NOTE : Questions and comments are welcome. However, please DO NOT post a comment using the comment...
  • Blog Post: Parsing Pictures in a PowerPoint binary file

    In this blog I’d like to cover every aspect of parsing Office binary documents, and do it in less than a thousand words. But, what follows is more realistic, thus more narrow in focus. Specifically, I’ll examine the PowerPoint binary format from the point of view of parsing/enumerating “Pictures”. PowerPoint...
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