When a 'z' just doesn't cut it... (Oren Nachman's random notes from Microsoft)

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  • Blog Post: Last Minute Perf Video for Mango

    I had the opportunity to join Microsoft Research and this year's Interns at a recent XAPfest event (a regular internal Windows Phone development event) and give a performance talk for Mango / Tango (i.e. WP 7.x) - here's hoping it's the last one before we move on to Windows Phone 8! To check it (and...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Power Tools 1.1

    Grab them here I received a fair amount of feedback about the first version of the Power Tools mainly focused around the UI (people like modern today) and around " bug #1 ", which prevented files from uploading to the correct path in IsolatedStorage. I've just pushed a major UI rehaul to something...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Power Tools

    Necessity may be the mother of invention, but it's also often the mother of Open Source tools which are not really reinventing the wheel, but perhaps make our lives just that little bit easier (or more functional). A common pain point, especially as more and more developers move their apps to Mango is...
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