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March, 2006

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About Outlook Mobile Team Blog

This is where you will find information on features in applications owned by the Outlook Mobile team.  We'll talk about Messaging, Contacts, Calender and Tasks.  We'll cover bug workarounds, tips and tricks, information on features and so on. 

If you have a specific question then please click the e-mail link and drop us a line.  Someone will get back to you.  Thanks...

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    Scheduled syncing issues with multiple accounts

    This afternoon I picked up my Treo 700 and realized that my Outlook e-mail account did not sync for two days. Two days!!! Turned out that the Hotmail account was the main account in Messaging . Reminded me of an old bug. Messaging can only start sync...
  • Outlook Mobile Team Blog

    Setting up an IMAP account

    Why do we make it so hard to set IMAP / POP accounts????? Here's how you do it :- PocketPC Launch Messaging (Start -> Messaging) Menu -> Tools -> New Accounts Enter your email address (eg. user@microsoft.com ) Tap Next ...
  • Outlook Mobile Team Blog

    Mega contact

    Here's a useful tip. Create a separate version of your contact (call it "Me" or something) that you never beam to anyone. Add everything here. Your frequent flier number. Insurance number. Dentist info. Doctor info. Now you never have to search for anything...
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    Easy way of adding pictures to contacts

    Love seeing pictures in contacts? Here's an easy way to add it: If you sync with outlook (desktop or server sync) then add pictures to your contacts in Outlook. They will sync over to the phone.
  • Outlook Mobile Team Blog

    Where are my sent items?

    By default the Messaging application does not sync the sent items folder. Therefore, you may notice that your sent items folder is empty. Here is how you "fix" it :- Pocket PC :- Menu -> Tools -> Manage Folders Select "Sent Items" ...
  • Outlook Mobile Team Blog

    Scrolling to the top hack...

    It is a pain to scroll to the top in Messaging (both in Read Note and the list view). Here is a work-around that works :- In List view :- Hit the right key to switch accounts Hit the left key to go back. You're on top! In the read form...
  • Outlook Mobile Team Blog

    The infamous Messaging Reply-All bug.

    Argh, do you wonder why replying-all to a message adds you to the recipient list? It's annoying. The problem is that Messaging does not know who you are. Here is the work-around :- Go to Start -> Programs Launch Active Sync Go to Menu->Options...
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    Add date / time in Messaging List view (in Smartphone)

    You might not even realize how amazingly helpful date / time is in List view. Turn it on and see. List View > Menu-Options > Display first item in the CPL.
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    Skip multiple letters in contacts

    In Contacts, you can bring up the letter chooser by hoding Up or Down for a period of time. Once it is showing, Up and Down will increment the letter one at a time. You can use Left or Right to increment or decrement 5 letters at a time . <<...
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    Wildcard in smartdial

    Not many people know this, but smartdial supports wildcards! For instance, if you are looking for "dad", you may type 323. However, in case you forget the spelling, you can also type 313, which matches d*d.
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