I have a few seconds, so figured I'll show off some (not all) Messaging featuers. Some of these features require Exchange12 to work and will not work with previous versions of the Exchange Server.  All of these screenshots were taken on HTC Dash running Windows Mobile 6. 

I'll give out details in some later post.  This will be a very high level walk-through :). 

Here is how the Messaging Account Picker looks like (the default start screen) :-

List view looks pretty much same, or does it :)?  New icons :-

Notice the IRM icon and the fact that you can flag Messages now!

Messages are richer, much richer now (this is a read form, scrolled down a bit) :-

Now to downloading.  Or rather, fetching.  No more having to start a Send / Receive after clicking "Download".  Also check out the new status bar :-

More flagging features :-


The next few screenshots show IRM (Information Rights Managed) emails :-

Have you ever gone on vacation and forgotten to set your out-of-office message? Well, now you can do that right from the device :-

And yes, you can also search your exchange server for emails, right from the device. 

Cool huh?  Thought so :).

Have fun!