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January, 2009

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About Outlook Mobile Team Blog

This is where you will find information on features in applications owned by the Outlook Mobile team.  We'll talk about Messaging, Contacts, Calender and Tasks.  We'll cover bug workarounds, tips and tricks, information on features and so on. 

If you have a specific question then please click the e-mail link and drop us a line.  Someone will get back to you.  Thanks...

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    ActiveSync Tweaks to improve Battery Life

    If you’re a Windows Mobile user who synchronizes with a corporate or hosted Exchange server using Activesync, you can squeeze out more battery life out of your device by tweaking a few settings.  Below I’ll describe some of the settings you can change...
  • Outlook Mobile Team Blog

    Saving Information to a Contact

    Creating a new contact from scratch is straight-forward enough both on the desktop and on your phone through the contacts application. But sometimes you have information you want to store before you have the contact itself. You may not have cut-paste...
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