Danny Beck, the Product Marketing Manager for Windows 7, talks about his role at Microsoft and our new version of Windows being launched to market.

In this video, Danny answers some common questions around Windows 7, such as:

  • What’s exciting about this new release?
  • Is this the code name or final release name?
  • How Windows 7 builds on Windows Vista
  • If my applications do not work on Windows Vista, will they work on Windows 7?
  • What resources are available?

Danny talks about www.microsoft.com/springboard which is a great site to hear from our technical fellows via webcasts and forums to have your questions answered and www.microsoft.com/optimization for information on how to drive the cost of managing your desktop and to tell the optimisation story

If you are an Australian partner interested in a copy of the whitepaper, please email Danny Beck.

Watch this space for events and more news soon.