I am doing some research on how RSS can be used in non consumer scenarios. For ex, Can RSS be used to create an alarm management platform in a process control system or can it be used to deliver information to financial services clients from content providers. Yes, you can do all the above usign native technolgies but RSS makes it easy and interoperable. A RSS platform should also be able to provide other platform services like archiving,searching, security, etc. It is fascinating once you start thinking about RSS above and beyond the standard consumer scnearios where it is used for reading news headlines and blogs. It also got me thinking about a variety of other technolgies like VOIP and how companies can use it as a strategic advantage rather than jsut for cost reasons. As with many other technologies, voip is primarily used as a cost reduction mechanism and not many are realizing its potential to build a sustainable edge on competition. Same goes for speech software. Call center IVR apps use it as a way to reduce staffing costs. and did you know that there is a venture fund exclusively for RSS based companies for $100 mil ? Go figure !