Ever heard of the "Long Tail of the market" ? This phenom is ringing bells recenlty in discussions around the residual value of content aggregation businesses and how content providers like goog derive value etc. I found this useful in thinking about the business model of how economics in emerging market software would look. It is a simple Zipfian distribution if you think about it. the essence of this model is that Rank * Frequency = Constant which essentially means that the perpetuity of the business model tends towards infinity and if you plot it along a logarithimically, it will turn out to be a straight line. This is important in the emerging markets setting? it is relevant if you think about how the emerging market opportunties are essentially a compositio of several long tails. Hence one has to keep distribution, sales and maintenance costs to an absolute minimum to derive the maximum benefits of scale. Chris Anderson of Wired is writing a book on this topic and has an excellent blog on this topic.