This blog is dedicated to testing patterns & practices guidance and code blocks. An example of our latest test guidance “Testing .Net Application Blocks” located at  provides information on how to test and integrate p&p code blocks into existing or proposed business applications. Our next test deliverable is targeted at Architecture Testing. This guidance will enable customers to begin testing at design time starting at the business layer of the enterprise architecture stack and ending at the operations layer where the proposed business solution is deployed into production. Look for updates on Architecture Testing in the coming weeks.

Our team is made up of 5 test engineers. Our blog goal is simple - discuss test guidance over a variety of issues, which includes deliverables we have shipped, current projects, things of interest - or suggest one for us to drill down on.

Between the 5 of us we can cover a wide range of testing topics based on a combined 50 years of experience in test. You can also visit patterns & practices: Test & QA: Workspace at:

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· for all p&p deliverables


Patterns & Practices Test Team