Windows Phone 7.8 is now officially available on Windows phone 7.5 devices and yes the update has made its way to Pakistan. Thanks to Usama who sits right next to me for spending some time figuring out what to do if you connect device with PC using USB and Zune doesn’t list any update insisting that “There is no update available. Your phone is up-to-date”? He found an old blog post from 7.5 Mango holds true till date,

Precisely the comment by Optimus290 on this thread worked for most of Nokia Lumia 800/900 devices here in Pakistan office (please leave a comment sharing your experience),

“For people who can't get it to work. Do this. After going to Phone > Settings in zune software do the following.1. Press on update and start counting the no. of seconds till "Your phone is up to date" message appears. Suppose it takes 13 secs for example.2. Click on any link above or below update in sidebar and click update again. Disconnect net just 2 secs before the no. of secs it takes to get the "Your phone is up to date" message. Like in the above example if it takes 13 secs , you should disconnect net at say 11th second. In my case it took me around 21 secs to get "Your phone is up to date". So when I clicked on update for the second time I disconnected the net on the 18th second and VOILA!Have fun guys! Updating now! :)”

Happy update to Windows Phone 7.8

Edit 1

For those of you from Pakistan (specifically) trying to update Windows Phone 7.5 devices on Windows Phone 7.8 and not sure if the version they are already running is the most updated one or not, here’s the latest firmware rersion number * specification from Nokia,



Latest version (Firmware Revision Number)

Lumia 510

Country Variant


Lumia 610

Country Variant


Lumia 710

Country Variant


Lumia 800

Country Variant


Lumia 900

Country Variant


* Just in case if you are not familiar this revision number can be checked by navigating to Settings > System (tab), scroll to about > more info

Here’s the link (in case changes occur in future which is likely not the case),