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    MVA - The Modern Web Platform


    Demos for “The Modern Web Platform” MVA:

    <p>I am Michael</p>
    <img src='' />

    See the Pen MVA140826-HTML by J Michael Palermo IV (@palermo4) on CodePen.

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    GameMaker Workshop Import


    cluckDownload the GameMaker import file for "The Sky is Falling"

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    3 Reasons To Use OneDrive


    imageThe OneDrive team announced exciting news regarding new online storage plans today!  Here is the quick details:

    1. OneDrive will come with 15 GB for free
      (up from 7 GB)
    2. All versions of Office 365 will come with 1 TB of OneDrive Storage
    3. We (OneDrive) are dropping storage prices by over 70%


    This is a game changer!  If you have not signed up for your free online storage with OneDrive yet, now is the time!

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    DigiGirlz in AZ

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    Every Developer Has a Story


    Between April 16 and June 1, developers can enter by joining App Builder Rewards and completing the "Every Dev Has a Story" quest with 50-200 words about an application published in the Windows or Windows Phone Store, or an Azure application or developer story that includes:

    • What did you build and why?
    • What inspired your technical and problem-solving genius?
    • Which Microsoft tools and features did you use?

    Developers can submit up to five unique stories that will be judged on: technical genius and innovation (50%), promotional tactics (20%), monetization (15%) and human interest (15%).


    · All participants receive 250,000 Ad Duplex impressions ($400 value) for submitting a story. (Max of 1 $400 Ad Duplex package per dev)

    Grand prize winners (15) receive a Dell Venue 8 Pro ($329 value) and an additional 1 Million Ad Duplex advertising impressions ($1,000 value).

    For more information, check out

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    Reno Hackathon–The Story

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    Reno Hackathon 2014


    Congratulations to the winners announced at the Reno Hackathon!

    Many of the participants used GameMaker by YoYo Games to create an app.  A testimony to GameMaker Studio is that most who were using it were doing so for the first time – and of that group, some had no development background whatsoever! This was highlighted in the news coverage by KRNV Channel 4 as seen here:


    Although the participants took the Hackathon seriously, the event was full of energy, prizes, and great networking.  There was a variety among the attendees – students, entrepreneurs, moonlighters, and newbies.  For a glimpse of what the journey was like, check out the news coverage by KTVN Channel 2:


    The Reno Gazette-Journal also noted the activity corresponding with the Hackathon involving tech for NASA.

    The Microsoft licensing team in Reno demonstrated their logistical prowess which resulted in everything running smoothly.  Special thanks to Bruno Terkaly and tech-celebrity Sarah Austin (with PlexiNLP) for contributing their technical mentorship to all!


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    DevRadio: “Sheep in Space” Game


    To play video, hover above and press play button.

    Michael Palermo welcomes ASU student Laura Gagliano, creator of “Sheep in Space” for Windows Phone as they discuss how Laura built her app using GameMaker: Studio as well as shares her story and experiences building her first game. Tune in as they chat about some tips and tricks for first time game developers and how you can get free access to development tools from Microsoft by joining BizSpark.

    Check out “Sheep in Space” for Windows Phone!

    More DevRadio episodes here...
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    DevRadio: Project Spark


    Michael Palermo welcomes  Henry Sterchi and Mike Lescault as they discuss Project Spark. Tune in and check out one of the coolest “game maker” video game platforms available today and learn how you can get involved making, creating and playing your own Project Spark inspired games or movies on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

    Times below are provided as a guide and are not functional

    • [2:00] Who is the target audience for Project Spark?
    • [4:00] What type of games are available to play on Project Spark?
    • [11:40] How does Project Spark compare to Unity or other game maker platforms?
    • [17:01]  Is there a monetization feature to Project Spark? If not, are the plans for that in the future?
    • [23:50]  What is “Spark Power”?
    • [26:36]  I noticed all of the cool gaming assets available to use when creating games – who makes those?
    • [30:04] How do you see Project Spark evolving in the future?
    • [34:45] What are the supported platforms for Project Spark?
    • [36:26] Can you play and create in a multi-player format?
    • [37:43] How do I get involved with Project Spark?
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