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July, 2011

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    What is the SSS in HTML5?

    html5This will be the first of a series of blog posts to help someone new to HTML5 development.  The first item to address is:  What is meant by the term HTML5?  I like to think of it as “Triple S” or SSS.

    • Source
    • Style
    • Script

    Source refers to the HTML markup itself, the tags.

    Style refers to the inline styles and/or modules from CSS3.

    Script refers to the development aspect of HTML5 with Javascript.

    For an introduction to these terms in slightly more detail, please read the first article I co-authored with Daniel Egan.

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    Microsoft Training Courses at Pluralsight

    I am thrilled to announce that I have authored a training course available at Pluralsight which is targeted for developers who are just beginning web development using the Microsoft web platform.  Although it is a beginner’s course, it is designed to bring a current web developer not familiar with Microsoft up to speed with the latest terms, tools, and technologies. 

    The course provides a comparison of the same demo using Web Application Projects, Web Sites, Web Pages, and MVC.  It also showcases Visual Studio 2010 and WebMatrix.

    So if you are relatively new to web development using Microsoft technologies, take a look at “The Beginner’s Guide to the Microsoft Web Platform” at Pluralsight today!  And if you can make the time for it, I would value your feedback.

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