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August, 2011

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    Microsoft Biology Foundation Workshop

    Register now!

    ASU (Biodesign Institute Auditorium) will be host to a two day course on September 8th through September 9th – and you are invited to register and attend at no charge!!!

    Attendees will get a basic knowledge of how to use the Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF) to write bioinformatics programs, and is a mixture of programming talks and practical sessions where they will write their own code. Attendees will participate in hands-on labs and write a sample application that employs the file parsers, algorithms, and web connectors in MBF.

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    Developers in AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV, and UT

    palermo4msdn_flashI am often asked by developers I meet at technical events:

    “Are there any Microsoft events coming up in my area?”

    So, what is the best answer?  If you would like to have insight of upcoming events in your area (and get notified too), please sign up for the MSDN Flash!

    What I enjoy about MSDN Flash myself is the ability to customize the content you receive.  My geography is “Rocky Mountain”, though it has been known as Desert Mountain too (see my technical online newspaper!)

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    HTML5 is in Style


    The next article at DevProConnections is out!

    This article is all about using the new features in CSS3 in your HTML5 web sites.

    This article discusses layout, media queries, and the little things that make a difference to user experience!

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    HTML5 Web Camp in LA

    The HTML5 Web Camp in LA was clearly the best one yet.  Hats off to all the volunteers and the attendees for being very prepared for the event. 

    The event was very interactive, and many questions were regarding browser concerns.  There were a few questions regarding the future of development, and we did show a video regarding Windows 8.

    The demo code featured during my presentations can be downloaded below:

    [ HTML5 & CSS3 demo files ]

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    Tech Travel Tips: Outlets To Go

    monster-outlet-to-goWhen I travel, the hotel rooms are usually lacking with regard to a sufficient number of power outlets.  I typically travel with at least two notebook computers, two phones, an iPad, and a video camera.  So it goes without saying I need as many open outlets as possible.  I once travelled with a typical surge protector, but that was very clunky.

    I am very happy I found the Monster OTG300 USB EFS.  Here are my reasons I highly recommend this product:

    • Very compact, cord wraps-and-snaps in conveniently
    • The the external plug at end of cord is small, so if fits in “snug” situations
    • The three extended outlets are far apart from one another, so bulky power adapters are not overlapping an available outlet
    • A power USB is available that accommodates phones and iPads
    • Can be found for purchase for just over $10

    If you are a geek and travel is something you do often, this is one item you will be grateful you packed!

    Don’t miss out on the previous tech travel tip.   

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    Windows 8 Interview Caught On Video

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    Tech Travel Tips: Mini Laptop Cooling Fan

    mini-laptop-cooling-fanWhen a product works better than hoped for, it deserves praise.  With my heavy travel burden, I want to pack as little as possible to get from point A to B.  I have some nice cooling fans for my notebooks in my home office, but they are too clunky to pack and use external power supplies.

    I HIGHLY recommend the KINYO|ArtDio Mini Laptop Cooling Fan (CF-201)!  Here are my top reasons for this being such a great accessory when travelling:

    1. Compact when folded, fits in most “pockets” of a computer bag
    2. When unfolded, sturdy foundation for small or large notebook computers
    3. USB powered without sacrificing a USB port (daisy-chain)
    4. Dual fans work great and are virtually silent
    5. Available for purchase for less than $9

    If you are a tech traveller, this product is a must-have!!!  If you have a product you can’t travel without, please leave a comment and let me know!

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