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April, 2012

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    Windows 8 Anchor Event at Club Nokia

    On April 23rd 2012, the Microsoft Evangelism team on the West Coast will join together and present on the topic of Windows 8 and how to start developing for the new platform.  Be sure to follow all the action with this twitter hash-tag #win8appdev.

    For more information about this event, check out this blog post from Scott Kerfoot.

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    JavaScript RegEx Pattern for URLs

    Here is a simple JavaScript RegEx pattern for extracting any URL that begins with htttp:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    // example string, looks like a tweet to me :)
    var str="Awesome resources for HTML5! #HTML5";
    // could also be written as:
    // var regexUrl = new RegExp("http.[^\s]+", "gi");
    var regexUrl=/http.[^\s]+/gi;
    // if a match is found, the return type is an array of matches
    // output of above line of code:
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    HTML5 Delta Reference

    Curious about the changes in HTML5?  The W3C recently published an online reference to easily define the deltas. 
    This reference has been added to the popular HTML5 resources on this site Smile 


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