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TechEd 2003 New Zealand

TechEd 2003 New Zealand

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The WeatherPixieSo I'm going to TechEd New Zealand.  This year I have cleverly avoided any speaking positions which I've been doing for a couple of years now.  Should still be a fun time though.  There's lots of great content even without me speaking.  I wonder what this looks like in a blog page.  That's my weather pixie, not me of course.  I hope it's not still raining when you read this :)  Yes, this is my first blog <groan>.

Today is about struggling to push the TechEd New Zealand conference guide out the door.  Confucious say “The conference guide is big and the door is small.”

  • Hiya Paul! Didn't think you were the blogging type, but saw your link on - :) - nice! Cya Sunday night at TechEd :)

  • Isn't is allways raining up there? My blonde Pixie thinks it's summer.
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