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Technical Product Manager for Office 365 at Microsoft
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    MDI Application in .NET with combining menus

    A user on my local .NET mailing list was having trouble with MDI child menus not combining, so today I've entered this simple sample from Ken Getz and Paul Sherrifs article on the subject . The C# sample code is here.
  • Paul Andrew

    Hanging Windows XP

    I'm currently working on a problem a friend is having. I helped him build a new computer recently and it hangs, locks up, as in “Press The Reset Button To Continue” sometimes. Sometimes being when he exits the personal video recorder software that came...
  • Paul Andrew

    Starting Point for .NET Framework Memory usage queries

    Question: If, as part of our ASP.NET code, we create references to COM objects, do the (native) allocation of memory for these com objects get counted under the aspnet_wp process ?? Or are they going to be counted under, for instance InetInfo ?...
  • Paul Andrew

    Places to find .NET sample code

    Places to Find Samples...
  • Paul Andrew

    Help, I'm off topic

    Can anyone tell me how to stop my inane useless off-topic posts ending up on the main page ? Pardon me if this is an FAQ.
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