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Google yourself

Google yourself

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Once in a while you should do a google search on yourself.  In the town where I grew up there was a well known concrete layer called Paul Andrew.  I found this intriguing.  After a lapse at the local public library I tried to borrow a book and was told my card was invalid because it had been reissued to another Paul Andrew who was 7 years old.

I just found myself in the credits for the Data Access Aplication Block.  I really like this block and I used it a lot when it first came out always sending feedback to the developers.

I have no idea what this page says.  I think it's me in the list because it was me in the english version.

  • It's called Ego-Surfing
  • Ha ha, so it is. That'll teach me for not doing my own research.
  • word says (russian->english):

    Edited by Nensi Michell

    Author of heading, answering the letters of the readers, are examined such questions as storage SQL- data, length URL- demand, etc.

    Questions and commentaries send with the address ...etc.
  • none!
  • True Gamer, From Oklahoma, Straight G
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