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TechEd New Zealand Abstracts Updated

TechEd New Zealand Abstracts Updated

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We have updated the schedule page to link to the updated abstracts for each of the TechEd sessions.

Updates to the schedule and more information about our excellent 75 speakers at the conference will be available on the TechEd CommNet.  Registered attendees will start receiving CommNet invites on Monday 12th July 2004.

  • Any chance of a speaker Bio?
    I just realised that Michael Howard wrote the book (literally) on secure code
    nice catch!
  • Yep, I'm taking my copy of Writing Secure Code 2 in hopes of an autograph. All the speaker BIO's will be made available on the CommNet.
  • If that's the book I'm thinking of it not only provides excellent information, it also builds muscle.
    On an unrelated topic (but at least one the first word of which is *not* MSDN...Ahem) I noticed that the abstracts for the Visual Studio Team System sessions are the same (other than session id) - is it really 3 separate parts with different content or is it one presentation repeated twice? (I can't afford to miss that one, so it's going to affect what else I can see. My boss is also going to Tech Ed this year so I'll have to work out how to explain why he shouldn't miss those sessions either.)
  • The content is multiple parts of one long session.
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