Paul Andrew

Technical Product Manager for Office 365 at Microsoft
  • Paul Andrew

    TV Tuning in New Zealand

    I found this site today, useful for setting up your Media Center system. It lists all the TV transmitters around New Zealand with frequencies. I also got this link for a silent PC Power Supply. My HTPC is way...
  • Paul Andrew

    Small Earthquake in Wellington

    This morning there was an earthquake in my home town. No damage at home, but a couple of poorly balanced things on my book case at work fell to the floor. No damage has been reported anywhere from the quake but it was widely felt. Here are the details...
  • Paul Andrew

    TechEd New Zealand Speaker Call

    Charles Sterling is the content owner for TechEd New Zealand and Australia this year. He's asking for community involvement and suggestions of sessions that we present. If you are interested in presenting, or you just want to suggest a session, please...
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