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TV Tuning in New Zealand

TV Tuning in New Zealand

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I found this site today, useful for setting up your Media Center system. It lists all the TV transmitters around New Zealand with frequencies.

I also got this link for a silent PC Power Supply. My HTPC is way too loud, maybe this would be worth trying.

  • So Paul, when is Microsoft going to have an EPG for the NZ market. (For Media Player)

    I went in to Bond and Bond and looked at a nice Philips Media Center box. I asked about EPG and they didn't know what I was talking about.
  • Hi Blair, you mean Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Rather than Media Player. It's very cool and I used it at home, but I'm not in that part of the business and so I can't answer your question.

  • All MCE really needs is functionality to accept an XML feed of information. There's already plenty of sources of such information, but getting it into the MCE database is *very* tricky. <sigh>
  • I have the tuning on my MCE al set up and the TV Listings coming down automagicvally... I'll post all the VBS scripts that do it on my blog sometime soon
  • You can get the guide working in NZ by following instructions in the Hacks and Mods section of
  • Looks like the developer JB from has decided to keep the hack to himself and a very few testers.

    It is an interesting read and looked very promising.
    So sir Chris Auld - I guess your our only hope now!

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