Paul Andrew

Technical Product Manager for Office 365 at Microsoft
  • Paul Andrew

    Windows Workflow Foundation at two European Conferences in Feb 2006

    You can catch sessions on Windows Workflow Foundation at these conferences coming up in Europe. DevWeek 2006 - February in London, England BASTA! - February in Frankfurt, Germany DevConnections - April in Nice, France TechEd 2006 - November...
  • Paul Andrew

    Workflow to Host Data Transfer

    Today I was asked about transferring data between the workflow and the host application. Because workflow instances run in a different CPU thread to the host application data transfer is an important consideration. In WF Beta 1 you added parameters to...
  • Paul Andrew

    Windows Workflow Foundation Beta1 to Beta2 changes

    Many early adopters have been working with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) in Beta 1 and will now be looking at upgrading to Beta 2. Although you can't get Microsoft support on this, we have prepared an upgrade document for existing users of WF Beta...
  • Paul Andrew

    Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2 and Go-Live license out today

    The January CTP for WinFX was released today and with it the Beta 2 of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Also today we announced the availability of a Go-Live License for both Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation. Download...
  • Paul Andrew

    VS Live at the end of January 2006

    I'm presenting a session or two at VS Live in San Fransicso this month as part of the Middleware summit. I'm presenting an Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation and I'll be co-presenting BizTalk Server 2006 and Windows Workflow Foundation with...
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