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Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2 Released Today

Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2 Released Today

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A new Beta version of Windows Workflow Foundation was released today. If you are building a workflow-enabled application and you should upgrade.

Update: We have a good list of changes published between Beta 2 and Beta 2.2. You'll want to get this if you are upgrading between these two versions.

  • Hi Paul,
    we are currently working on a product which uses WWF.
    So I have signed the go live license of WWF.
    At the moment we are using the golive version.
    Can / Should we change to beta 2.2 ?

  • Une nouvelle version de Windows Workflow Foundation est disponible depuis aujourd'hui, source Paul...
  • Thanks to Paul I've noticed that new WF beta bits are available.  Check them out!
  • What are the changes between WWF Beta 2.0 and Beta 2.2 release?
  • Office 12 SharePoint Beta 1 Refresh asks for build 3.0.6303.6, but WWF Beta 2 is 3.0.6303.4 and Beta 2.2 is much higher.   Where is 3.0.6303.6 found?
  • Does this release imply that there'll be no WinFX March CTP, which of course is a bit sad?

    Best regards,

    Henrik Dahl
  • Paul, can you point to some doc that describes changes from beta 2 please?
  • One installated...I could not create new project other than WorkFlow project ! (WinForms and others have disappear !!). I resolve the problem as it :

    1 . delete the ProjectTemplatesCache and ItemTemplatesCache directory
    2. go to ProjectTemplates and ItemTemplates and copy the workflow's zip into the "1033" directory.
    3. Then I launch devenv /installvstemplates

    And All was ok. I don't understand why this bug occurs ? I have a VS2005 Pro Version.
  • Hi Paul. A week has passed till the new bits are out. I saw that there are also some changes that effect workflows build on beta 2.0. It would be nice if you provide changes document as you did for beta 2.


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    The march showers keep one's promises, articles about Windows Workflow Foundation...
  • I'm getting the following message when trying to install beta 2 on a 64big windows xp machine:

    Max only runs on Windows XP Service Pack 2. You can install Service Pack 2 from Windows Update. This version of Windows includes many useful security features (besides Max compatibility).

    Any ideas?

  • I installed the Beta 2.2 version and this statement no longer works
    Dim workflowRuntime As WorkflowRuntime  = WorkflowWebRequestContext.Current.WorkflowRuntime

    Any ideas??
  • Introduction
    The march showers
    keep one's promises, articles about Windows Workflow Foundation are...
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